About us

SUVA hosiery has a long and dignified history.

The predecessor of the company is considered to be “AS RAUANIITI”, founded in 1919, whose main products were originally ribbons and cords. By 1925, the company had expanded so much that the assortment already included socks, stockings, tights and hosiery.

In 1940, the production units and assets of the public limited company were nationalized, and from 1944, the textile factory “Punane Koit” was already operating. Stockings and socks were continued, but the production of cider fabrics and textile haberdashery was also started. For a long time, the former Soviet Union played a leading role in the production of socks and stockings.

From 1991 it continued under the name RAS SUVA. In 1993, the factory was privatized and AS SUVA Sukavabrik, operating with 100% domestic capital, was formed, which is still the largest in Estonia.

The word SUVA is derived from the words SUka VAbrik.
SUVA manufactures various products for men, women and children – socks, stockings, tights, knees, etc. The quality of our products meets European standards – more than half of our products are sold in the Nordic countries and other European countries.
The factory employs 124 people. The equipment is used in more than 400 units: garter machines (Lonati, Sangiacomo, Nagata, Bentley, Matec, Fantasia, etc.), sewing machines (Rosso, MauserLock, etc.), finishing equipment (Autotex, Takatori, TriCoset, Heliot).
The Suva hosiery factory produces an average of 3 million pairs of socks a year.

SUVA socks are available all over Estonia in well-stocked stores, in our factory store and also in our own e-store, which has become very popular. The clients praise the quality and design of our socks.

SUVA produces many successful sock series, such as SUVA SILVER (sock with silver thread), LASTEKAS, ETNO, SUVA +, EESTIMAA, etc.

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