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EL_Regionaalareng_horisontaalIn the period from 02.09.2013 to 05.05.2014 a project “the design of a sock” with the co-financing of the European Regional Development Fund was implemented. The project obtained an EAS innovation voucher grant support.


Call for tenders

In association with increasing the capacity and effectiveness of its production Sockmann Group OÜ hereby announces the following tender:

  • Knitting machines (tender offer submitting deadline 6th July 2020 16:00 GMT +3 (Estonian time), installation must be completed in 4 months from signing the contract).

For additional information, please send your inquiry via e-mail mihkel.evard@energex.ee and as a copy to timmu.tollimagi@energex.ee and leo.rummel@energex.ee.

The tender is also published in Estonian E-Procurement Register (reference number 224398) https://riigihanked.riik.ee/.

The project is applying for support from the European Regional Development Fund (Project number 2014-2020.4.03.19-0490).

This is not a public procurement defined by the Public Procurement Act. However, the tender process follows the principles of Public Procurement Act § 3.