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About us

DSC_0013SUVA AS, based on 100% private Estonian capital, is the oldest hosiery manufacturer in Estonia, with more than 80 years of experience in the field.

There are 124 employees working at SUVA. As for the equipment, there are more than 400 knitting machines (Lonati, Nagata, Bentley, Matec, Fantasia, Sangiacomo), over 100 finishing and packing machines (Autotex, Takatori, Tricoset, Rosso, Mauserlock, Heliot, etc.). SUVA has it’s own dye-house (piece dyeing is possible) and laboratories.

Highest EU quality standards are applied for all SUVA products, 100% of the articles sold at www.sockmann.com under our brands (SUVA, VENDI, ETNO, SUVA SILVER SOCK, etc.) are manufactured at our own factory in Estonia, Tallinn and 100% of the materials used in our production are Ökotex certified. The Safety and the Quality of the products we offer to our customrs is our top priority.