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  1. The campaign means the customer game conducted over a period of 30.03-30.05.2017 (hereinafter the ’Campaign’), organised by the Sockmann Group OÜ (the domicile: Akadeemia tee 33, Tallinn 12618) – hereinafter the ’Organiser’.
  2. The Campaign procedure has been set by the Organiser hereunder. All decisions made by the Organiser during the Campaign shall be final and binding for all participants of the Campaign.
  3. The main prize of the Campaign is iPhone SE 16GB Gold (hereinafter the ’Main Prize’). The ’Main Prize’ will be raffled 1.06.17 among all participants who register on the company homepage during the Campaign.
  4. In order to win awards in the Campaign, the Campaign participant should purchase a product of the hosiery factory SUVA over the period of 30.03-30.5.2016, and register a cash receipt on the company homepage www.suva.ee/en/kampaania. A registered cash receipt should be kept until the end of the Campaign. Registration on the company homepage is free.
  5. One cash receipt may be registered only once. Each cash receipt participates in a raffle of the Main Prize.

Announcing about the prize and receiving prizes

  1. A person, who wins the Main Prize, will be announced 1.06.17 online at the address www.suva.ee/en/kampaania
  2. We will contact a person who wins the Main Prize within a week.
  3. In the event when a winner is a residing in Estonia minor, the prize should be handed over in presence of their legal adult representative.
  4. If we fail to contact a winner (except for cases when it happens through a fault of the Campaign Organiser), the hosiery factory SUVA shall not be responsible for non-participation of the Campaign participants in handing the prizes over.
  5. A basis for the prize award is a cash receipt, registered on the company homepage (hereinafter the ’Winning Receipt’), submitted by the winner in one of the following ways:
    а) electronically, by sending a scan or a photo of the cash receipt with your name and contact information at the e-mail address artur@suva.ee, or
    б) by mail, sending the cash receipt with your name and contact information at the address Akadeemia tee 33, Tallinn 12618 (postal costs are not subject to compensation).
  6. We will send the Main Prize by a DPD courier.
  7. The Organiser has the right not to hand the prize over when:
    а) a winner fails to comply with the conditions of the Campaign, set by the Organiser,
    б) a winner stated false information during registration on the company homepage,
    в) a winner failed to submit to the Organiser a Winning Receipt or its scan /photo.
    г) a submitted cash receipt fails to comply with the one registered on the Campaign page, it is lost or unreadable.
    д) a try to contact the winner before 22.06.2017 fails.
  8. A deed of the prize acceptance from the Organiser shall also mean that the winner has given to the Organiser his/her consent on use of the winner’s name in media, advertising, PR campaigns and other events without any additional reward to the winner and without conclusion of a relevant agreement.
  9. The employees of the Organiser, AS SUVA or Sockman Group OÜ have no right to participate in the Campaign.
  10. Prizes that participants win during the Campaign will not be replaced at the winner’s request for prizes of other type, and a cost of prize is not refunded to the winner in cash, except for a case when a prize is replaced for another similar prize upon a decision of the Organiser.
  11. The Organiser shall pay national taxes with respect to handing prizes over to the winners in compliance with the procedure and terms set by the laws of the Estonian Republic.
  12. Where the conditions of the Campaign are violated by the Campaign participant, and the participant submits to the Organiser false or wrong information about themselves, or in presence of other non-compliance with the conditions (untimely registration/non-registration with the Campaign from the Campaign participant; the Organiser fails to contact the winner of a prize on the mobile telephone number or e-mail address, which the participant indicated during registration, etc.), that took place through no fault of the Organiser, the Organiser shall not be responsible for suspension of the Campaign participant from a raffle or handing a prize over.
  13. In the event of force-majeure circumstances, the Organiser has a right to end the Campaign unilaterally and not to raffle prizes and/or not to hand the prizes over to the winners, immediately notifying the participants thereof via media.
  14. All disputes with respect to the Campaign shall be settled in compliance with the laws of the Estonian Republic.
  15. All pretensions, related to organisation and/or carrying out the Campaign should be sent in writing to the Organiser of the Campaign with a note “SUVA iPhone” at the address Akadeemia tee 33, Tallinn, 12818.
Netty Zurakovskaja