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Socks therapy now in Estonia!

Silver Sock – the new quality on the Estonian market

SUVA AS new socks composition includes silver fiber X-Static, what makes socks healthy and nice to wear.

Silver thread + cotton

Premium cotton is a fabric featuring excellent quality standards that assures high comfort standards during the sport practice with elevated energy consumption and heat excretion. Thanks to the combination with Silver thread a triple protection shield against foot odor is assured:

  • ANTIBACTERIAL – the hot ions released by the silver fiber lead a direct attack against fungi and bacteria breathing that are the main cause of bromidrosis;
  • ANTISTATIC AND THERMOREGULATOR – prevent the typical yet uncomfortable swelling due to a long working hours and flight discomfort.

Silver thread. History of silver

The attributes of silver have been widely accepted in the medical field for millenniums. The Romans were the first to publish and document the “healing” powers of silver. Already in that time water was carried in silver vessels because it kept water supply safe.  Today, silver is widely used in drinking water filters as well as swimming pool filtration systems. Now it is also possible to use silver in hosiery manufacturing.

X-Static silver fiber is used by the leading world manufactures. Starting from the year 1987 X-Static is the best antimicrobial solution on the market, yet it is a fiber system that is uniquely suited to meet several additional market demands:

  • Antimicrobial: Eliminates odor-causing bacteria and athlete’s foot fungus.
  • All Natural: Safe and non-toxic, containing no chemicals or pesticides.
  • Heat Transfer: Cooler in the summer, warmer in the winter.
  • Anti-static.
  • Therapeutic: With its conductive properties (silver is the most conductive metal), the fiber system has many health benefits.

X-Static has been researched and tested by leading institutions around the world and is widely accepted in the medical community. X-Static is used in many FDA approved products and is also registered as an antimicrobial with the EPA. The X-Static brand is growing rapidly in the world-wide consumer marketplace and X-Static products have won prestigious awards for outstanding performance and function.

When you compare X-Static to other antimicrobial products, there are several distinct performance advantages:

  •  Speed: X-Static eliminates 99,9% of bacteria in less than one hour of exposure. (Most antimicrobial products test over 48 hours and still do not reach this level of effectiveness.)
  • Catalysts: The hotter and wetter is the environment, the more effective X-Static becomes. This is perfect, because bacteria are more prevalent in these environments.
  • Safe & Natural: X-Static is made with pure silver, a naturally occuring element. There are no chemicals and there is no fear of toxicity for the consumer. Silver is one of the safest and most being substances to mammals.
  • Permanent: X-Static is not a surface treatment. Silver is irreversibly bound to a polymer so it becomes a physical part of the fiber. In fact, X-Static has been tested for more than 250 washes with virtually no reduction in antimicrobial performance.

Is silver safe? Is X-Static safe?

Silver is widely used today in medical products and in consumer products. In fact, the very first drug most people receive when they are born is silver nitrate, in the form of eye drops.

X-Static is extremely safe because it is made with pure silver. Prestigious institutions throughout the world have validated the antimicrobial performance and safety of X-Static in published medical journals.

Are some people allergic to silver?

Some people are allergic to silver jewelry and make the assumption that they are allergic to silver. On the contrary, silver jewelry is made of an alloy called “sterling silver” and the people are allergic to the various other metals in its makeup. X-Static is made with pure silver – there have been no documented cases if allergies to pure silver.
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